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Video Script (in case you're a reader - which I hope you are because this is the Dotcomsecrets book review)
Dotcom Secrets is a shortcut for you. That’s if you want to learn from a guy who went from selling potato guns in Idaho to a worldwide business with over 100 employees. Tony Robbins (yes, that Tony Robbins) says any company can use it. I’ve watched entrepreneurs who started with this book queuing up to receive their two comma club awards – you get them for a $million from one funnel. There’s no fluff in this book – it takes you through the steps to transform your business. When you get you FREE copy (and I don’t know how much longer they’ll be giving them away) through the link below I’ll throw in some free stuff – take a look.

A bit about the content. It’s all about where to find traffic, how to attract new customers. How to retain them and get more and more revenue from them. It’s based on proven marketing practice from the last 100 years and the latest research in psychological triggers. And it shows you how to learn from what’s selling for your competitors right now. So take a look at the book through the link below. There’s no commitment, the book is free – you cover shipping and handling, and you get to keep the free stuff from me.

A review: Dotcom Secrets Book


Business owners: ever wanted to make getting new customers easier? Ever wanted to get more revenue from your existing customers? Here's how.

The Dotcom Secrets book is born from the study of marketing. It's selling like gangbusters. Because it's written differently than the majority of the books on the topic.

Dotcom Secret's author is CEO and Internet Marketing guru Russell Brunson, of ClickFunnels fame, and it's been called the best book on Internet Marketing.

While I can not confirm or deny if this is the case, it is the finest Internet Marketing book I own. It's full of templates, methods and advertising strategies which will help you to increase conversions traffic and sales online.

There is absolutely no doubt. You should get this book. Especially after you read this Dotcom Secrets review. You'll change your company (or career, if you work for someone else). If you're working in the marketing world all - even a little - the Dotcom Secrets eBook will allow you to reach your goals quicker and more easily.


  • Evergreen strategies to developing a business online
  • The strategies the author uses in his own businesses
  • Traffic strategies
  • Conversion strategies
  • Sales strategies
  • Email marketing strategies
  • Scripts and templates


The free book is the very first product in a sales funnel. For example, you can buy the Dotcom Secrets audiobook. Or not - no-one is forcing you to. The good thing is, the book will show you how to build your own funnels to get more customers.

What This Book Isn't

It isn't an instruction manual about how to make a money machine to print money, a get rich quick book or any sort of secret method that will make you an online gazillionaire by tomorrow morning with zero effort. I hope that all who're currently reading the book, or this review, get that.

It's the source information that the author himself compiled, tested and tweaked to get the best results. I truly feel that people with drive, and the correct mindset, can get great results by implementing just half of the contents. (My epiphany was the Value Ladder)

Brunson proved the concepts not only in his companies but in struggling firms which consulted with him. He has increased profit in a week from zero to around $30000. Not by changing the product but by changing the funnel.


Russell Brunson Dotcomsecrets is a comprehensive guide to Internet Marketing that can help you scale and grow your business online.

Russell Brunson shares the tools the actual strategies and methods he uses to run his companies online, and what has helped plenty of others people to do the same.

For over 14 years now Russell has been scaling companies online and has been starting.

People like self-help guru Tony Robbins and marketing expert Dan Kennedy are singing the praises of Russell and this book.

You'll find a good deal of benefit in this publication.

There are scripts, as well funnel templates you can use.

The book is FULL of training on company scaling and growing online.


A Facebook group which you can join - free obviously. As it's a book on sales funnels and increasing customer revenue (good for you to know whether you want to do this for yourself, or resist it being done to you!), there are other products you can get to help.


FREE Plus Shipping to anywhere on earth.

Dotcom Secrets Summary

  • Section 1: Ladders and Funnels
  • Section 2: Your Communication Funnel
  • Section 3: Funnelology Leading Your Customers to the Sale (Over and Over Again)
  • Section 4: Funnels and Scripts
  • Section 5: ClickFunnels

Dotcom Secrets Review Summary

Dotsecrets (full title: Dotcom Secrets: the underground playbook for growing your company online) is a book on internet marketing.

It's the concept behind the strategy AND full of strategies.

Additionally, it has proven scripts and templates which you can easily apply.

That's it, the end of the Dotcomsecrets book review. I am implementing several of these approaches in my own company (this Dotcom Secrets review helps me learn) and I would recommend it to any marketer, entrepreneur and business owner.

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